TCI Hole Opener
Water well drilling

A TCI (tungsten carbide insert) hole opener is a type of drilling tool that is used to enlarge the diameter of existing holes, specifically in water well drilling applications. It is a specialized tool that is typically used when a larger hole is needed than the original drill bit was able to create.

The TCI hole opener consists of a series of tungsten carbide inserts that are brazed onto a steel body. These inserts cut into the rock or soil as the tool is rotated, gradually enlarging the hole. The TCI Hole opener comes in different sizes and can be used to ream out the hole to the desired diameter.

TCI hole openers are particularly useful in water well drilling applications because they can be used to create larger diameter wells that can yield greater water flows. They can also be used to increase the size of a hole that has become partially clogged with debris. Additionally, the TCI hole openers are more durable and longer lasting than traditional hole openers that use cutting edges made of steel.


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